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The sun is out and shoulders are in! Watch Sydne Summer below as she gives us the rundown on the spring cold shoulder trend. Whether it’s a peasant-style top or a drapey dress, showing off those shoulders on a hot day is one of the leading looks in fashion this season… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Don’t assume that florals are so feminine. This spring and summer, petal prints are dominating menswear and are available in a wide variety of masculine looks and styles. From button downs to summer shorts, to fun tropical patterns to subtler prints, fresh men’s florals are popping up everywhere and boy, do they look sharp. Here are the top trending floral styles to rock this season, fellas… Read More »
This week at the movies: The adventurous Angry Birds “flight” up the big screen; Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are an unlikely (yet hysterical) pair of detectives; and Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are back to bring us more laughs in their grownups-versus-students college comedy sequel… Read More »
Did you know the color green cancels out red tones? And pink or lavender can actually brighten a sallow complexion? That’s right – your routine of applying a single shade of concealer to your skin is now a makeup method of the past. The newest way to create a truly flawless face? Color-correcting! Watch below as Kirby Johnson of POPSUGAR Beauty walks us through how to easily master color-correction and revolutionize your beauty regimen. From dark circles to stubborn blemishes, you can color-correct your way to beautiful skin with the right shades… Read More »
By Hannah Rogers
Music festivals are staple celebrations of spring and summer. Not only do these iconic concerts make for fabulous vacations and camping trips, but they also function as fashion shows for rock stars and their fans. From Coachella to Bonnaroo to Burning Man, we’ve gathered the hottest festival-inspired boho trends that are taking over fashion this year. Here are the top looks to take home… Read More »
This week at the movies: George Clooney stars as a Wall Street genius and TV host who unexpectedly finds himself in a life-or-death situation while on set… Read More »
One of this season’s most popular trends is the powerful “girl boss” look. From cutting-edge culottes, to the cropped leather moto jacket, to bright and daring lip colors, small (but bold) touches can really make you look and feel like the leader of the pack. Watch below as Mode shows us the latest girl boss looks; try on these trends – if you dare – and let your strength, power, and confidence shine through your wardrobe… Read More »
By Katherine Scrivener
With the month of May comes a flurry of graduations across the country, which means everyone is looking for the perfect gift for those headed off to college. No matter your relation – fellow grad, family friend, parent, or sibling – budget, or student personality, we’ve come up with a list of gifts that any grad will love… Read More »
This week at the movies: The selfless and noble Captain America is back again with an entourage of Marvel superheroes for a third film – which is expected to downright dominate the box office... Read More »
This season, the sun is out and high heels are everywhere. From cute cork wedges to strappy stilettos, there’s a style of heel for every occasion – it’s just a matter of learning how to wear them with confidence, and mastering how to walk the walk! Don’t let the fear of teeter-tottering in a pair of heels make you miss out on the newest and hottest spring shoes. Watch fashion blogger Moanalani come to the rescue as she shows us the best steps (pun intended!) to walking in a gorgeous pair like a pro… Read More »

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